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Just some more info to back your report up and maybe shed a little light for the developers:

I've just tried this on my installation - with both CHI supplied test data and my own data.

I had never tried for a PG set before, I get exactly the same as you. BUT if I highlight an RTI image set, it will allow me to export an RDF.


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Wow - I think my notifications were somehow turned off - because I didn't get email about this message.  And I so apologize for leaving you hanging.

This is not a bug - and we are making this much simpler with the next version (I was just testing new software today)  Essentially the issue is that  in the Beta version you can only produce RDF for a group of image sets for Photogrammetry and for a single image set for RTI.  We know this is confusing, so this is how we are fixing it:

The idea is that you want to create RDF and Submission Information Packages (SIPs - new in the next version) for all of the images needed to produce a digital representation.  So we are getting rid of the "groups" and instead introducing the concept of "Image Bundles."  An Image bundle can be single set or multi set, depending on the technology.  RTI is single set and photogrammetry is multi-set.  Note that you can have a single image set in a photogrammetry image bundle - though you are allowed to have more.  In RTI you can only have a single image set.  It's at this image bundle level that it makes sense to do archiving and to export the metadata.  We will also be providing reports for the Image bundle

Bottom line is that in the Beta you have to export RDF from the group level for photogrammetry and from the image set level for RTI.  This will be much cleaner in the new version, and we've integrated Inspector into the tools as well. 

We have massively redesigned the interface, and we are making it easier to add new "things" like people, stakeholders, etc - right when you want to use them.  And lots of other updates too.  It's a very active project right now. I think you will like the new tools.  We will have scripts to update your database to support the new tools, since the data model has been changed to support the new features.  So stay tuned - we hope to do a second Beta this fall. 


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