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Digital Lab Notebook (DLN) software

The DLN is a software tool that collects and manages metadata for image-based digital representations. Using the DLN allows the quality of a digital representation to speak for itself, enabling informed data reuse and long-term digital preservation. The DLN is intended for cultural heritage practitioners, collections organizations, historic sites, cultural communities, and citizen scholars who wish to document humanity’s cultural legacy.


  1. DLN Core functionality

    Questions and comments related to the free free Digital Lab Notebook software.  All aspects of the software except the integrated Inspector and Archiver tools - which have their own forums.


  2. Inspector tool (integrated in the DLN)

    Questions, comments, and discussion on the integrated Inspector tool - which is part of the DLN software

  3. SIP Archiver (integrated in the DLN)

    Questions and comments about the Submission Information Package (SIP) Archiver included in the DLN tools. This forum includes discussion about the produced metadata records in CIDOC-CRM mapped Linked data, Lido and Dublin Core records.

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