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DLN:CC Beta - Locations

Dave Martin

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Re Beta 1.0.3 (DB version 2.2.3) Build Apr 26 2018 15:55:31


  1. Location entries need a ‘Notes’ section like most other registers

  2. Whilst some well-known institutions and monuments may have entries in the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names, possibly the majority of locations will not appear therein, or at least with insufficient granularity. Need field(s) in which the address can be entered.

  3. As mentioned by IainS earlier, the ‘GPS coordinates’ field needs provision to record information on projection etc.

  4. Need a field to use to store local coordinates and type thereof

  5. Suggest allow recording of EPSG code for sets of co-ordinates, and also ability to have local name for a co-ordinate system (e.g. “OSGB36(15)”)

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There are some good ideas here.  The easiest one to implement is adding a notes field. I'm not sure we can do the other ones in the current version because of time and budget constraints, but we'll talk it over.  You can use the Notes field to store additional info - though it does have the drawback of not being as easy to find, and also not being mapped to the CRM, etc.


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