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DLN:CC Beta - UI

Dave Martin

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Re Beta 1.0.3 (DB version 2.2.3) Build Apr 26 2018 15:55:31


Other UI comments / across multiple registers:


  1. Deleting, for example, equipment entries – there is no check for dependencies so equipment which is associated with an image set can be deleted / referential integrity is not enforced.

  2. Would expect [Ctrl][F4] to activate [Close] as it does for almost every other Windows application

  3. Would expect [Esc] to activate [Cancel]/[Close]

  4. Some maintenance screens have an explicit [Close] button, others don’t

  5. To see / update details, some maintenance screens have button [Details], others have one called [Edit]

  6. Even without the use of accelerator keys, would suggest not ideal having three visually-similar buttons adjacent to each other [Details] [Duplicate] [Delete]

  7. Associating e.g. equipment with image set – currently works by highlight then click [ >> ] – it would be good if it also responded to the commonly used double-click to move.

  8. Where there is a sub-assembly, this allows filtering of the left-hand list. Would be good to be able to just associate the entries on the list.

  9. Filter block - most maintenance screens just have a [Clear] but some have an explicit [Filter] button?

  10. Filter block - several maintenance screens have [Export RDF] in the Filter block?

  11. File / About - more usually under Help / About?

  12. File / About - make the text on the screen so it can be copied and pasted into error reports etc. to ease reporting / accuracy


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