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Hello All,

Please, guide me properly on how to install   DLN:CaptureContext (DLNCC)    I tried to do but after finishing the installation I wanted to view the data base it asked me password, while there is no provision for password during the installation process.

I hope you guide me properly.
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Musa -

We use the database to help organize and keep track of the information you enter using the DLNCC tool. This also helps with reusing data you already entered. The installer installs the database, and when you run DLNCC it will be able to connect to the database using a default password.  So, if the Postgres application is running, then DLNCC can connect to it and work properly.  If when you try to start DLNCC it asks for a password for Postgres - then "cancel" and start Postgres yourself (by double clicking on the application) then  run DLNCC again and it should work.  In other words, Postgres has to be running before you try to run DLNCC.  By default it will run every time you startup your computer.  If you are actually trying to look at the database in Postgres, we do not advise that, as the design of the tables and their relationships was to be used only with the DLNCC tool, and DLNCC is designed to manage the data and export the data and relationships.  You should not try working with the database directly, only through the DLNCC interface should you enter information.


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