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DLN:Inspector free software now available for download

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Welcome to the forum for the DLN:Inspector tool - one of the first two tools in the Digital Lab Notebook (DLN), a software pipeline made up of open source software and associated good practices. In this forum, we encourage you to share your questions, issues, or comments about using DLN:Inspector.
The open source DLN:Inspector tool can be used to validate image sets created for Photogrammetry or Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI)
You can download both the DLN tools from this page: 
There are Instructional videos describing how to work with the tools on this Vimeo channel:
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Hi Carla,

Have tried to install DLN:Inspector.  Once I found out how to get DLN:CC to start (separate thread in DLN:CC section) I tried to start DLN:Inspector again and it came up with the first message shown below that the database had not been update for DLN:Inspector and to see the documentation for instructions. Checked online and in the installed program groups and could not spot the documentation. In the end I started DLN:Inspector 'without the DLN' and then, by clicking [Help] it opened the PDF.

I then followed the instructions (which I guess are OK for beta testing but possibly not ideal for end-users long term) but, when the update is run, it fails with the message shown in the second screenshot.


Capture 4.PNG

Capture 5.PNG

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Have found a short-term work-around.

I guess that there is a password embedded in the DLN applications, and if DLN:CC starts it must have the correct password.  I noticed that on the DLN:CC Admin menu there was a 'Run script' option, so I first of all tried running the 'createpg.sql' script from DLN:CC - the script started OK, but then failed because the three sub-scripts that created the sequences, tables and then inserted the ref data only had relative paths when called from within 'createpg.sql'.  So, I was going to modify a copy of 'createpg.sql' to embed the paths, but instead from within DLN:CC which was logged in to the database, I just ran the 'createsequence.sql', then 'createtable.sql' and finally 'insertlookupdata.sql' - all of which ran OK to completion. I can now start DLN:Inspector and connect to the DLN database.


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  • 2 years later...

It has taken me a long time to try out the beta DLN-CC and DLN-Inspector, but they look to be really promising tools to help organize projects and manage metadata.  Some initial observations:

  • The RTI Image Set Details tab titled "General" is currently set up for Highlight-RTIs.  It would be helpful to have some fields in the "RTI Properties" section (or on the "Setup" tab, below) for dome-based RTI parameters, such as the radius of the dome (I used string length as a substitute, but it's not exactly the same geometry), the number of lights, etc.
  • The "Setup" tab allows a single photo of the setup to be added, but this might include another section to place parameters for the geometry of the capture setup (which is currently in the "General" tab for "RTI Properties").  For our RTI dome geometry, such measurements could include the height of the stage on which objects are placed, the vertical distance between the stage and the plane of the equator of the dome, the distance between the camera sensor and the plane of the equator of the dome, the number and type of lights; etc.
  • For dome-RTI capture setups, a way to point to LP files and other calibration files (e.g., flat-fields, color checker profiles) that are used for processing multiple image sets would be helpful.
  • An easier way to define custom directory structures for image sets without manually entering details into JSON files would be useful, especially for legacy projects with existing directory structures that don't fit the examples in the user guides.

These are just some suggestions that I'd find useful.  I realize there's a balance between tracking all the details and keeping the DLN tools simple and easy to use for the majority of people using RTI and photogrammetry. 

Thanks for all your hard work on these DLN tools!

Best wishes,


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Should be moved to the DNL-CC forum topic
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