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DLN:CaptureContext free software now available for download

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Welcome to the forum for the DLN:CaptureContext (DLNCC) tool! DLNCC is one of the first two tools in the Digital Lab Notebook (DLN), a software pipeline made up of open source software and associated good practices. In this forum, we encourage you to share your questions, issues, or comments about using DLNCC.
DLNCC is all about collecting rich metadata for your photogrammetry and Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) projects.  You can easily reuse data about equipment, people, locations, subjects and more. The data can be exported as Linked Open Data mapped to the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM) for archiving and reuse.  And, you don't need to know anything about these metadata standards to produce these results.
You can download the Capture Context tool, along with a user guide from this page
There are Instructional videos describing how to work with the tools on this Vimeo channel:

Please give us your feedback!

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Carla - similar (I think) question to IainS. When starting DLN:CC, it attempts to connect to the database - it pops up a database login (first pic), username defaults to 'postgres' with an option of two databases to connect to ('cpt_db' and 'cpt_db_v2.1'). Default password is blank, but there must be a password set as can't get beyond this point.

Edit: I guess because DLN:CC hasn't got beyond this stage, DLN:Inspector complains at startup as well (second pic)



Capture 2.PNG

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UPDATE: - I had a look at/for the (not) installed database, then repeated the installation, and I've got it working now.  I think problem when application was trying to connect to the database was not so much 'no password' as in fact 'no database'!

The installer's default option under 'DLNCC Database' is 'Upgrade existing database'. If there is no database to install, it silently skips that stage. For first install, manually changing the option to 'New database, replacing the existing' seems to rectify the situation. This also removes the complaint when DLN:Inspector starts)

Iain - suggest you try re-installing and tick the 'New database' option and see if that helps.

I think / would suggest:

  • the installer script needs to be 'cleverer' so if no database installed it will install skeleton one, or at least prompt the user; or
  • at least the database option text in the installer screen above needs extra (like the PostgresSQL) so it maybe says 'New database, replacing the existing (check if first installation)'  
  • or at least some pre-install info/advice for the user .


Capture 3.PNG

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Hey guys!  Thanks for figuring this out. I'm on the road doing training so just saw this. 


We definitely should make the default be to install the database. 

This probably needs its own topic where we can show the details and folks can find it easily. When I'm back on a computer (rather than my phone) I'll get that set up. 


Note that you may may need to start Postgres after rebooting your computer- or you will see the same message. 

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