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Photomodeler issues


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Hey guys..


So I have been using photomodeler the past few months .. I am still learning the software. I am struggling with 2 things...


1.) I cant seem to get my referencing on point eg. click on the tip of a cone and then on next image it is 2 cm off... (i have done a multi sheet cam calibrations.)

2.)Referencing curved lines seem to be a lot more confusing than what I thought. My 3D will not get a curved line referenced.


I use photomodeler 2013 with 5 Canon EOS D1200 with 18mm lenses 

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Dear Phillip -


On this forum we generally are dealing with more general photogrammetry issues, including advice on equipment and capture. We also discuss some of the metrics and other good practice ideas. We try not to deep dive into processing, because the different available software systems have their own forums.  Some comparisons of software have taken place here.  I'll note that the bulk of the folks participating on the photogrammetry forum here  have worked with or taken a class at Cultural Heritage Imaging, and at the moment we are using and recommending photoscan pro.  So, I don't think you are likely to get much response to a specific photomodeler question in this group. 


Good luck on your project!

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