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DLN-CC RC5 Windows-10 installation fail

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DLN RC5 (DLN-RC4-100rc5_DB262.exe) will not install on Windows 10 Pro.

Tried now on two machines - neither had DLN or any other CHI software, nor did they have Postgres. One W10-Pro was though already running other non-CHI applications successfully; when DLN install failed on that PC, set up a second with a brand new clean install of Windows 10 Pro (fully up to date, version 21H1, all patches/updates applied to today's date) - and it fails there too.

Installing DLN + Postgres + demo database.

Basic DLN install seems to run OK, then Postgres install falls over - four screenshots attached below.  It appears that there is either something missing from the installer, or a dependency on a superceded Visual-C runtime.






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Hi Dave -

So sorry you are having problems!  The good news is that we have now made available the 1.0 release!  I literally just pushed it to our website - and you can get it from the downloads area https://culturalheritageimaging.org/What_We_Offer/Downloads/DLN/index.html

The software hasn't changed since the RC5 - but there were a lot of modifications to the installer - and also the uninstaller.  We've tested it multiple times on a few PCs with Windows 10 - so hopefully you won't have any issues.  One test was on a brand new machine with nothing previously installed.  Please take a look at the Windows Install guide if you want to bring forward data from an earlier DLN.  The best way to do that is to backup the data in the prior version - then restore once you have the new version installed.

One other important point - the Beta (and it wasn't really a Beta - more like an extended prototype - and it took us a few years to get to the final release ) is that it installed Postgres in the standard location which could cause problems if you were using it for anything else. So now - we install a private copy of Postgres only for use by the DLN.  So if you are using Postgres for anything else - we won't interfere with it.  If you never successfully installed one of the RC versions - then you should install Postgres this time. Updating to a more recent version of Postgres was necessary to support the newer Macs - and I know you aren't happy about not supporting Windows systems running OS's earlier than Windows 10 - but we are a tiny team and have to limit the environments we support and keep the code the same cross platform.

Anyway - give it a try - and let us know how it goes.


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Hi Carla,
Still fails exactly the same way; as this is now 1.0 not RC5 will start another thread for 1.0
Noted that you've had it working on Windows-10 machines; but they may have had the necessary Visual C runtime (whatsoer is needed) installed for, or courtesy of, other software).
Will reply re other matters on appropriate thread (understand, but not necessarily in agreement)


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