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DLNCC RC5 installation issues

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Hi Dave -

We can only support 64bit versions of Windows.  That's required by various components, and we don't expect it to be an issue.  We will support windows 10 and later.  We suspect it will run on 64bit Windows 7 - but we don't have a way to test it or support it. Hopefully you can try it out on a more recent OS.



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Not sure why this is surprising.  64 bit windows OSes have been around since 2003.   Most things switched to 64 bit OS's many years ago. Windows 10 is 8 years old. Our small team doesn't have any systems with 32 bit OS'es installed. We built our tools on top of other tools such as Postgres SQL, and we use qt libraries.  It never seemed like a requirement to support 32bit OS'es.  We don't directly support Linux for similar reasons - we don't get many requests for it - and we don't have the ability to test it. The software is open source - so once it releases, folks can get the code and try to make it work wherever they need it.  We are a small team and we picked the most common systems.  We just don't have the resources to support more than that, and we hope that an open source strategy mitigates that to some degree.



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Thanks Carla,

Firstly, I would recognise that at project inception, decisions are taken as to what platform(s) are being targeted.

The reason I described the change and reduced availability as surprising is that it is most unusual for the platform to be changed between a beta and the release candidate, unless a major technical issue is discovered. The beta version technically worked fine on 32-bit platforms. There were a number of functional issues picked in the beta, as might be expected; but, unless fixing those issues necessitated using alternative components with platform restrictions, then there would/should be no change in the range of platforms the application would run on between beta and RC. Hence my enquiry as to what was the technical imperative to introduce a restriction at this late stage.

Re 'disappointing', I fully take your point that 64-bit OSes have been around for some time, but the world isn't solely 64-bit. I described it as disappointing as there are significant numbers of 32-bit machines still in use - whether whole museums and government operations, or privately. Those users could run the Beta, but not the RC.

Regards / Dave

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Really quite disappointed no progress on getting this 64-bit restriction that was introduced in the RC resolved; but meantime have tried on Windows 10 Pro and that installation fails too - may, or may not, be connected reason. As different OS, have started separate thread for that.

Dave M.

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