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Visual Error in all projects in RTIViewer

Dag-Øyvind Solem

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I can't help directly, but a couple of suggestions, as it looks like it might be a graphics driver related issue:

1) It might help if you gave some details of your laptop make/model, operating system, and what graphics card it has.

2) Is the problem / that screenshot from the laptop's internal screen, or when using an external monitor?

3) If you haven't done so already, might be worth trying with an external monitor

4) It sometimes can be illuminating to temporarily try putting your laptop (internal screen and/or external monitor) into a different lower resolution

5) It would be worth checking for updates for your graphics card - from the operating system, and from both the laptop manufacturer and the graphics card manufacturer.

6) You say this is all projects, do you have a project which you can view OK on one PC but when you copy the files (or access over network) they give this faulty display?


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