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Probelm executing final phase


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Dear all,

When attempting to create an RTI using PTM, an unknown error box pops up once I select execute. The PTMfitter output information states "Unknown File type: .JPG". I have had no issue creating a hsh rti with the same image set and it has only become an issue when attempting to create a ptm file instead.

I am running this on a custom-made PC, Windows 10, 64-bit OS, 16GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 7 2700x 8-core at 3.70GHz.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - and any further information required, please ask.

Many thanks,


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This rings a bell for some years ago - I have a faint recollection someone found a case-sensitivity.

1) Suggest you rename your files ".jpg" and try again.

If that fails,

2) Have you ever been able to make a PTM before? if so can you try that image set again?

3) If this is the first time you're trying to make a PTM, suggest you download the Fish Fossil image set from the CHI website and try them, as they are known to work OK with both HSH and PTM fitters.


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