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Error trying to execute PTM Fitter


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I was wondering if there was someone who could help me with this. 

I'm working with the PTM fitter (which I have downloaded) and I'm able to run through all the steps properly until I verify my path right at the end, but I'm getting a different error message than normal when it just can't find the fitter, so I'm not sure what it's actually getting stuck on and how I can bypass it. 

Here's the error message:



Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 10.28.54.png

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Hi Fionn,

A couple of thoughts / questions.

1) Generally, it is a good idea to give a little info as to operating system and version and 32/64 bits etc.

2) Can you grab a screenshot of the box on the RTI builder screen where you specify the location of the PTMFitter, like the attached please?

3) On this laptop (Windows 7-32 bit) my location is "C:\RTIbuilder_v2_0_2\Fitters\PTMfitter\PTMfitter.exe". One thing that I wonder is your error message just ends "... /PTMFitter" but on my Windows machine the ".exe" is recorded and shown in the path.

(from Fionn mac Cumhaill's rock in the Irish Sea!)


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