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hi all,

we're writing some helper python and realised that in a RAW workflow the original-captures would contain the raw originals.

But then we'd like to convert them to 16 bit Tiff before processing. Current practice would have those in the jpeg-exports dir which is slightly misleading but we could stick to that to avoid having yet another dir if raws are involved.

So my questions are:

1) would you like original-captures to contact the captured images with their original name? (eg ND?_xxxx.NEF)

2) for raw images are you happy to have tiffs in jpeg-exports ? (actually they can be deleted after processing to save space but...)

3) if you choose a crop before processing - where is a standard place to store the x,y,w,h for that?

4) Some people will use image sets of targets like grey cards for corrections - we should probably have a standard calib_images dir for those!



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