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Opening a project level folder

Kate Garland

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Kate:I tried selecting the upper level project folder that contains "jpegs-export" and the "original-captures" and I still get the same message. The project folder is stored on my C drive.


Carla answered:

You need to select the project level folder, NOT the jpeg-exports folder when you are starting a new project. The software looks for a jpeg-exports folder in the folder you select.


This is documented in the user guide as well. It is a little clunky, and people often trip up on it. It uses the project level folder, because that is where it will create additional folders and place it's log file.



Kate: I am trying to download a project into the builder. When I select ”jpegs-exports” I get this message: “the jpegs-exports folder is missing in your project library”. However I can see all the jpegs in the directory. I am using Windows and have checked that there are no spaces in any of the folders' names .

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Hi Kate -


Make sure that the folder where the jpegs are stored is exactly named "jpeg-exports" That's what the software looks for. In your message you say "jpegs-exports" which would not be a match. Capitalization matters too - it should be all lower case and it must be a dash "-" not an underscore "_"


Hopefully this will resolve it!



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Buen día

instale el programa RTIBuilder, este programa se instala sin ningún problema y también se inicia correctamente pero me aparece "The jpeg-exports folder is missing in your project directory". correji como indicaron ( carpeta con el nombre jpeg-esports sin espacios, mayusculas) descargue los ejemplos de archivo que están en la pagina web pero sigue apareciendo lo mismo. Mi ordenador es un HP ADM A8 de 64bits el cual cumple con todos los requisitos de instalación.

Gracias por la ayuda y saludos desde Cusco-Perú


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Does your parent folder name have any spaces in its name? It should also use the English "jpeg-exports", not the Spanish equivalent.


Bing Translate: 

¿Tiene su nombre de la carpeta padre ningún espacio en su nombre? También debe utilizar el "jpeg-exports inglés", no el equivalente en español.

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