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Buying a Dome


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I built a simple dome back in 2009 when I worked for Wessex Archaeology. You can see the build process here:

PTM / RTI Illumination Dome

If you have a few spare days, and are handy with a soldering iron, you could build your own relatively cheaply.

I shared my methods and what I learned building it with the University of Southampton project which seemed to inform some of the features of the domes that are being made today.

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On 10/15/2019 at 10:25 AM, Dave Martin said:


Suggest you look at the systems built by Kirk Martinez (who contributes here but may be too polite to promote his own products) and colleagues at the University of Southampton:


and thanks for the mention Dave - I didn't see it until today sorry!

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In case people in the thread are interested, we are the team behind RTI-dome.com, and we've been building domes for 4 years now, shipped all around the world.
We aim to provide portable, autonomous, easy-to-use, robust and versatile RTI Domes.

The project started as a weekend project in a fablab around friends at the Museum of Natural History in Paris and we ended up creating a small company to support researchers everywhere and make this imaging technique more accessible.

We build domes of varying sizes (30cm - 50cm - 90cm are classics, but we can fit other needs) with lighting options like RGB, White light, UV/IR and other special needs, for prices starting in the 2k€ range.

Don't hesitate to contact us through our website to discuss your project.

Best !

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