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Builder will not launch under any circumstances

Christine Puza

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Still having major issues with opening Builder on a Windows 10 computer.  None of the stated solutions stated previously work, including deinstalling/reinstalling both the program and Java, attempting to launch from the .JAR file, etc.  What else, if anything, can I try?  I am trying to hunt down an older computer with Windows 7 or earlier, to see if I can run it on that, as a last resort.  

This is a useful program - I would happily pay for it if it worked.  

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We run RTIBuilder successfully on a Windows 10 machine.  We are mostly a Mac shop, so I'm not super familiar with the Windows environment, but I wanted to note that Windows 10 can successfully run RTIBuilder.

The software is old, and we'd love to update it.  We are a small independent nonprofit, and the initial work was paid for by a grant and some volunteer efforts. We'd love to get funding to update it, but selling individual copies isn't a way to get that done (especially since it is open source software, per the agreements of the funder and all parties involved in it's development).

We still use RTI frequently, and think it is a very useful technique.  It will take a new grant to create an updated version.


Thanks to Dave for jumping in and asking for the details.  Much appreciated!


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