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Processing in Multiple Locations


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Hello all, 

My team and I are fairly new to the RTI process. The artifacts are in the Mediterranean while our processing systems are in the US. My question is, which would be better/easier/cost efficient,  uploading the photos to the cloud in a location with unreliable wifi connection and processing on the systems in the US, or getting a laptop with the software and processing onsite? If there are other better options people have found, please let me know. 

We want processing to run as efficiently as possible. Any thoughts? 

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Whilst I have never done trans-oceanic capture/processing, my advice would be to try and do it on site - not necessarily at the monument but whilst you are still in-country. Points which I would suggest you consider include:

1) the processing overheads are not enormous - certainly unlike the demands placed by processing SfM photogrammetry - and it is well within the capability of a reasonable modern laptop.

2) uploading to a 'cloud' location could be slow and un-reliable.

3) if you process say, same day, you can tell if all is OK; so if you discover a problem you can re-shoot and/or amend your procedures for other forthcoming sites in the same campaign.

Even if you are shooting tethered where you can see results on a larger screen as you shoot, it still makes real sense to process at the earliest opportunity.  As an example, if the sphere(s) get nudged part-way through a shoot, unless it is a gross movement, each frame will probably still look OK as a standalone frame, but it is only when you do the processing you may find alignment problems (I've done that and had to return to re-shoot, thankfully only 15 miles away).

Processing on a good laptop might take a couple of minutes more but not hours more.

Edit: another reason, similar to (3) above, is that sometimes when you process, although you didn't make a mistake shooting, when you process it, may reveal 'something', say at the edge of the field of view or just disappearing round the side of something, so you may want to pop back and re-shoot from a different camera position to try and capture more...


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