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I am confused about versions of RTI Builder.  I just downloaded and installed RTI Builder on a new desktop computer and was surprised that it was still version 2.0.2, which dates to something like 2012.  I also noted that in the "About" tab it was labeled "Beta".  This got even more interesting when I looked at an older laptop computer that I have not used for some time and realized that not only did I have version 2.0.2 installed on that machine but I also had a version 3.0, which was clearly different from version 2.0.2.  I think I may have gotten version 3.0 as a Beta tester.  So, was version 3.0 never released and is version 2.0.2 really still a Beta version?

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We were working on a version 3 some years ago, and  we gave a Beta version to some folks who took classes with us.  We were never able to release it due to some bugs that were too difficult to resolve (long story).   So, it is possible that you have a 3.0 Beta version.  I recommend going back to the 2.0.2 version from the website.  The 3.0 Beta is known to not work with higher resolution images, as well as having some other issues.

Even though 2.0.2 is marked Beta - we really should have marked it final.  It's getting old now, but it's the best option for current use.  We are very interested in doing a new version, but it will take some funding, and we haven't been able to make that happen yet.



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