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RTI Builder Unknown error


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Dear all, 

we are completely destroyed.. having an unbelievable automatic RTI Dome but cannot create any PTM file.. 

We checked the path if there are any spaces and we know that we should use lower case jpg. Already uninstall and reinstall RTI Builder and also Java. 

We still get all the time at the end after cropping: Unknown error detected. the created xml file contains at the end: 

Fitter returned an error ! Error : -1</xc:event>


Please help us! Please please please..


all the best from Vienna,



austrian archaeological institute

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Nikki, path looks OK as far as I can tell.

Couple of questions:

1) you mention it fails after cropping, does it fail if you don't crop?

2) you mention you're trying PTM, you have downloaded and installed the PTM Fitter, haven't you? (page 10 of the processing manual)

3) if you try HSH rather than PTM, any change?


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Thanks Nikki, sounds as if moving (slowly!) towards possible indicators.

I'm glad it works for at least sample images so software setup looks OK.

I don't know about any absolute image size limits, I just did a quick search here and found this thread

which does describe processing large images 10328x7760px, albeit I think on a Mac.

I'm sorry that I can't help much more at present - I'm not in front of my (PC based) RTI workstation, I think it may be a case of waiting until Carla and team at CHI are on-air (San Francisco time).


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If it is a resource issue due to the size of the images, one way to identify if it is absolute image size that is causing a problem, or just the total demand on the system, might be to try processing a reduced number of your hi-res images. I don't know how many you have in your full set - I have 50-100 typically - but if you maybe tried with maybe just ten images? - the RTI obviously wouldn't be as good but it might help to diagnose the problem?

I'm sorry that, as just another user, I can only use my RTI and computer troubleshooting experience, I haven't any access to the innards of the programs!


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dear dave,

thank you very much!!!

It works with smaller and less images, but not with the original size. We find out the next problem: Our PTM file:

We are using Canon EOS 5D SR with Canon 24-70mm zoomlense. This inscription paper (about 30x50 cm) has this distortion and "slipping edges" on all corners. Center of the image is fine. But just in the PTM file, the captured images are completely sharp all over the image. 

Thank you dear Dave!




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Somehow I didn't get notified of this whole thread.  So sorry that I missed it until now.  When we updated the forum software it changed the notification mechanisms.  Anyway here are a few thoughts.

There are not hard limits for processing RTIs - though it will depend on how beefy your machine is.  We use a Canon 5DSR and can process the data with no problems on Mac laptops with 16GB RAM.  I seem to recall that there were some issues with the old ptmfitter with large images on Windows, but that shouldn't affect the HSHFitter.

AS for the image shown here - it's a bit hard to tell from a single image but I have 2 guesses:

1. Using a zoom lens the lens can slip when pointed down.  Normally you would see images go out of focus when this happens.  You can use tools like Lens Band to stop this kind of creeping, or ideally, use a fixed focal length lens.

2.  If the individual images look sharp, and the RTI is sharp in some light directions, and goes out of focus in other light directions something likely moved in your setup.  It could be the camera, or it could be the subject.  With a 50MP camera very small movements can move several pixels creating this kind of effect.  One way to look for this is inside RTiBuilder after the spheres are detected - try choosing the first image in the image set, and then the last image.  You can see if the sphere moved because the red ring showing the sphere detection will be in a different place on the sphere.  You can frequently go through the images and find the image where things shifted.  Then you could process just the images before or after the move (whichever is a bigger set).  We refer to this kind of RTI as containing "a mover".


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The old ptmfitter had an effective image size limit of 24 megapixels on Windows, even on systems with lots of RAM. The new ptmfitter from Kirk Martinez' group has no problems handling images up to 100 megapixels in size; I don't go any higher because the RTIViewer software has problems above 100 megapixels.


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