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light beam angle


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I notice that depending on the light source I was using, I had different RTI results. Therefore I was wondering if the beam angle of the light could have an influence on the result and i there are recomendations on how large/narrow the beam angle should be.  Or if someone knows about publications on that?


Thank you in advance for your answers!

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You want even illumination across the surface of your subject - and from an appropriate standoff distance (2 times the diameter of the area you are imaging is the minimum)  We use a wide beam spread for things like a speedlite.  So ours are set to 24mm for the old Canon 580ExII model. Some of the newer models have an even wider spread.  You want to make sure you are pointing the light at the center of the subject, and keep pointing it there for each light angle. In other words, you don't want some light pointing at the center, and others at the edges.  All lights should point to the center.  If you don't have enough light standoff (the distance to the front of the light from the center of the subject) you will not get good quality normals as you move away from the center of your subject.  This is usually visible in the normals visualization, and can often be seen in the specular enhancement mode, especially with no color. 



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