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Missing file: PTMFitter.exe


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I really had trouble getting my IT department to install the RTI builder application. Now it is installed - after a month of quarrels. And now I get all the way to fitting the PTM so I tried the only fitter.exe file I could find - the hshfitter. And I got the message Unknown Error Detected! 

I'm assuming the PTM fitter file should be in the Fitters folder but I as I said - I can only find the HSHfitter.

I looked around in the other folders and found something in the Plugins folder - and found a folder called PTMfitter - but looking into that I find a .txt file and a PTMfitterPlugin.jar file.


Can anyone help me? Did the IT department mess up the program?

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Dear Loa -

Sorry you have had such difficulty getting the software installed. It is very well documented in the User Guide that the PTMFitter is not included with the software and must be downloaded and installed from HP's website.  This is because the RTIBuilder and HSHFitter software are both available under an open source license (GNU GPLv3) and the ptmfitter has a free for non-commerical use license with no source code.  That license from HP does not allow us to bundle the software together, though it does allow you to download it for free and tell RTIBuilder where you installed it.

You should be able to run the hshfitter without installing the ptmfitter.

The "unknown error" message is likely not an installation problem.  It is described in multiple places on these forums.  The highest likelihood is that you have spaces somewhere in your image filenames and/or pathnames (i.e. the directories the files are stored in - all of them up to the root directory on whatever drive they are stored in)  This is also a well documented issue in the user guide as well as the forums.

The User guide should be where you turn to first to understand how to work with the software. It is free software and we have worked hard to provide good documentation, as well as these forums. The software is quite old at this point, and we would like to find funding to do an update.  In the meantime - the software does work, albeit with a few quirks.



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Dear Carla,

Thank you for your speedy reply.

I did read about filenames and pathnames, but can't find the spaces. I will look again tomorrow - I did read somewhere that it was a windows problem. I didn't save the images on the desktop for the same reason. 

I apologize for the repetitive questions, but I totally overlooked the HP stuff on the webpage - though I/IT dep. have tried to install so many times for the past month. And It is not obvious to me in the guidelines, that I feel I have read and reread many times. 

I truly appreciate your good work.

Thank you!


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Loa -  We wish we could include the PTMfitter software, but this license issue (from HP) prevents it.


The easiest way to check for spaces in your pathname is to go to the "assembly-files" folder created by RTIBuilder and open one of the .lp files (it is just a text file - you can open it in any text editor)  There you will see the full path to the image files.  You will be able to see if you have any spaces.  If you do - move the whole folder (with the .xml log file, and the jpeg-exports folder, etc) to a correct location - or rename the needed directories.  Then you should be able to build an RTI from the existing project without having to detect the spheres and highlights again.  How to do that is described towards the end of the user guide - and also elsewhere in the forums.  If the filenames themselves have spaces, then you will have to start over after renaming them. 


Good luck!

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