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How much Grey in Grey Card?


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trying to answer your question here and give you a bit more info.


I assume that you're talking about using the second gray patch on the color card (closest to the white) to get a proper exposure, correct?


RGB - 200, 200, 200 is pretty much what we teach in the RTI Training class. Getting those values to that level (or very close to it with your eye dropper tool) is sound professional advice.


There's a book that discusses this topic in depth: (highly recommend this IF you can get it). Its not cheap, but your data is worth it. Many distinguished professionals have contributed to this guide. It is legit.


"The AIC Guide to Digital Photography and Conservation Documentation.

Second Edition, Edited by Jeffery Warda"


http://www.conservators-converse.org/20 ... available/


Page 67, section 3.4.1 are the exact steps (and much more) on using the color card / grayscale target for getting a proper Exposure.


PS - theres also a RTI section on page - 125, section 6.2.6

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