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The starter kit we got from CHI did not include a color card. Suprisingly we were not able to buy the same (or even similar)color card at our local camera stores. What is the brand of the color card you use and where did you get it? Perhaps you could add a color card like the one you use in training to the starter kit.

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The color cards that we used during the RTI Training were manufactured by GretagMacbeth. That product name is "Mini ColorChecker".


When you *could purchase these Mini ColorCheckers, they would cost about $70 USD. (we thought that was a bit pricy, and would have bumped up the cost of the kit, and many institutions already had color workflows, so we sided with the choice to not put it in the kit).


The company "GretagMacbeth" was purchased by X-Rite. (http://xritephoto.com/) X-Rite has since discontinued the Mini ColorChecker.


They replaced that product with the "Colorchecker Passport". Its a more deluxe color checker - a bit fancier. And while it has its virtues, a lot of professionals miss the Mini. Formal requests have been made to X-Rite to bring it back into production. (some sources tell me that it will be back soon, but at this point, we can really say).


If you can find a Mini some where online - buy it - and then share the link if you can. In the meantime, the ColorChecker Passport is a good solution.


The ColorChecker Passport

http://xritephoto.com/ph_product_overvi ... n=overview



http://xritephoto.com/ph_product_overvi ... 2&catid=28

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Here's an update to some color card solutions. As we know the X-rite color card is no longer available. The below cards are available.


(this info that was extracted from an ImageMuse thread).


Image Science Associates ColorGauge Micro Target http://tinyurl.com/3zoyosy> or

ColorGauge Nano Target http://tinyurl.com/a28yhf6>.

There is also the ColorGauge Micro Analyzer Kit which includes both targets and software to analyze the results http://tinyurl.com/a275bj5>.



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Here's an update to an old post about the Color Cards. This product is Excellent.


AIC PhD Targets



Designed by Dan Kushell, Jiuan-Jiuan Chen and Luisa Casella; Produced by Robin Meyers Imaging.


"The design of the AIC PhotoDocumentation Targets (AIC PhD Targets) specifically complies with recommended practices for photographic documentation described in theAmerican Institute for Conservation (AIC) Commentaries to the Guideline for Practice and with suggested procedures in The AIC Guide to Digital Photography and Conservation Documentation.

The AIC PhD Targets provide an easy and efficient way to include photographic reference standards as well as image and artifact identification information. The design of the AIC PhD Targets has been carefully planned to minimize the space occupied by this important reference material in the image frame. Lightweight and of robust construction, each target has the following elements: six-step grey scale, color patches (CMYRGB), a lighting indicator associated with a photogrammetric indicator, a size scale, and an area for date and object identification information. Targets are provided with instructional information and with online resources, which include a printing template for slip-in labels for the medium and small targets."


If you need to invest in a series of color cards / targets, these are a must have.



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