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Difference between HSH and PTM method


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Hi, I´m introducing myself in this tool and I would really like to know the key difference between this two and the final quality acquisition of the file.


I´m also having some trouble converting raw files to jpeg. There is a big downsizing in the quality of photographs, and the final RTI file has some poor quality.


Thank you!


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Hello  - The HSH vs PTM is discussed at length in this topic:



It's really a processing issue  - not a capture issue.


As for your quality concerns - please be more specific about the "poor quality" RTI.  There is image degradation creating JPEGs - however that is what the current software supports.  Depending on the problem you are seeing in the result, it may not be related to image quality.  For example, if anything in your setup moved, even a small amount, that can cause blurriness in your finished RTI.



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