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improper call to JEPG library in state 200 !!


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 Dear all

actually I'm having some problems with my RTI builder , at the end of the procedure and after executing the photos , something like (improper call to JEPG library in state 200 ( appeared , then unknown error detected , i couldnt understand actually whats the problem , can u help me pls to solve it 

best regards 

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Dear Ayman -  


There is some discussion of this problem in another thread - and I think you already have that link:



Check that you do not have any spaces anywhere in the file names or directories for your project.  Then there are some other things to check, noted in the above thread. 


If you still need help, please provide what platform you are on (Mac or Windows) and also what operating system version you have.  And also are you trying to create a PTM or HSH based RTI (or if you see it for both).  If you tried one, please try the other and see if it works.



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