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Request for help - very basic!


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Hi everyone,


I have a very basic problem, but it's one that I've never encountered and I can't find a solution for it by googling. I updated to 1.3.2, and now when I align my photos and place markers, the software seems to be doing something different. I used to see a red line indicating where the point was projected in the next photo, and I could place the corresponding marker. Now, it seems to immediately place the point (incorrectly) in all the other photos in my set. I've re-aligned a couple of old models (which had previously had the projected markers fall in the right place), and I'm having the same problem with them. Does anyone know what's going on?



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This question is really specific to Agisoft Photoscan, and you should post it in their forums: http://www.agisoft.com/forum/


We don't want to replicate that forum, or become a photoscan forum, so we try to stick to more general photogrammetry questions, and issues of good capture methodology, equipment, lighting, etc.  While Photoscan does get mentioned here, questions specific to that software should be asked in their forums.


Thanks, and good luck!



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