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"Live View" Focusing Alternative to EOS Utility & Nikon cap


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Dear RTI-ers,


I wanted to let everyone know that we have been using (and testing - testing) "DLSR Remote Pro for MAC" as an alternative to the EOS Utility for detailed 'workhorse' focusing when in Live View Mode.


This Breeze software seems to currently be *much more stable than the Canon EOS Utility (v2.9.0).


The ability to focus, scroll around the composition, check object/sphere focus, mag up/down, just seems to be more responsive and stable to the mouse click. We are getting far *less software crashes (hardly any).


The Breeze software also has a better ability to grab focus while in numerous multispectral environments as well.


So far we've used this software on our canon 5DMII, T2i (ir/uv modified), xSi to date. So far thumbs up.


Check out the software here: Trial is available (purchase is $129)



Please post feedback if anyone downloads and tests this in your environment.


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Hi Marlin,

When using DSLR Remote Pro, I was able to do the focusing in AF instead of MF a couple of times and it seemed to work out OK. I remember we did that at the workshop once by accident, but the results were fine. Are you guys leaving the camera in MF for DSLR Remote now or do you still use AF to focus initially (like you did with the EOS Utility)?



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I am trying to recall what happened in the Training ... I think that what you're referring to is the fact that even tho the Camera Lens was in MF we still had control of the 'fine tune focus features' from within DLSR Remote Pro (the software). This sounds correct, correct?


I've seen that event occur once or twice. With out being able to replicate that function, I'd have to label it a funky focus bug within the software. Albeit, the end result still worked, meaning, the app focused, and you got your results, its still a bug in the app. (Perhaps this is a Good Bug, as in lady bug eats aphids?) (this bug might be camera and or lens specific - so it might depend on what camera - and version of the software you're using).


When the app is working consistently, the lens must be in AF for the software's focus features to be Enabled (just like the EOS utility). The user must remember to switch *back* to MF previous to running the capture sequence — or you risk the chance of your lens 'focus hunting' and blowing all of your hard work.


***To answer your question directly, when using DLSR Remote Pro for focusing, the camera is in AF Mode, which enables all the focus features. When we shoot, we go to MF Mode.


Taking a look at focusing from a higher level, the basic workflow(s) for focusing are:


01-Use your cameras 'AF' to auto focus for you. (think: shutter button half way down, beep, and blinking auto focus points in the view finder)

02-Manually adjust your focus when in MF mode. (look thru the viewfinder and manually turn the focus ring)

03-Use an app like DLSR Remote Pro, and its focus features to pull focus, re-fine focus, and check focus.


hope that his helps!


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We are also using DSLR Pro with a Canon T3i converted for UV/IR work. We are doing fine in visible and IR but not so great with reflected UV. One problem is that we are having trouble getting enough reflected UV for Liveview. We basically are getting a final focus by trial and error and then we shoot with long exposure, high ISO and wide open aperture. This is probably a long way of saying that our UV source is not strong enough. What are you using for a UV source and are you able to perform RTI with it?



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