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Problem with "Detect Spheres"


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Hello Everybody,


I just installed the RTIbuilder and tried to work a bit with the program.

First i tried the HSH Fitter, but i got an error in the end.


So i switched to the PTM Fitter, but now i got another problem in the workflow.

The "Detect Spheres" button does not gray out after adding the area for the spheres (in my first try with the HSH fitter it worked out). 


i uninstalled it and started it a several times new, but i cant get foreward.


i dont know what i m doing wrong, could you please help me?


Best regards,



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ah okay, solved the problem by myself.


the problem occured because i removed the first picture (it was in the wrong direction)

After deleting the picture and re-naming the second picture to the first (from ...002 to ...001)

the programm is detecting the spheres.


Best regards

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