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PTM and HSH fitters source code


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Hello everybody,

I'm new on this forum. I'm student in master's degree of photography in France. I'm actually doing my master's thesis and my subject deals with light calibration procedure for RTI acquisition with dome.

To further develop my project, I need to analyse and potentially to modify PTM or/and HSH Fitter. I've ever downloaded the RTI builder and RTI viewer source code but the fitters aren't include with.
Before implementing a solution myself i would know if some source code for fitters are available somewhere in any langage ?

I've also discovered a new model for reflectance interpolation in a french thesis in metrology : https://tel.archives-ouvertes.fr/tel-01357821/documentthis model is called Discrete Modal Decomposition (DMD). Somebody have ever heard speaking of this modele before or of others models than those used in traditional RTI Builder (Ptm, SH, HSH) ?

Thanks in advance for your answer and thanks to the Chi's team for the work they provide, this website and the forum is a gold mine for student and people interested in computational imaging for the cultural heritage domain, like me.

Aurélien Vila

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Dear Aurélien,


Welcome to the community!  The source code for the HSHfitter IS included with the source code for the RTIBuilder.  If you request that code from CHI, we can provide it to you. (write to info at c-h-i.org with your request) The source code for the ptmfitter belongs to HP and is not available under an open source license.  I believe it has been given to some researchers in the past by Tom Malzbender and Dan Gelb (the original authors/inventors) but neither of them is at HP any more.  



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