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New geodesic domes


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Hi all,

we just completed over a year of development on a geodesic dome system and installed the first on in the University of York. We're still writing up the details but there are some images etc on our website. Headlines are:

  • 65 1300 lumen LEDs
  • relatively portable - as it unbolts into a box of struts and some aluminium poles
  • quite fast - about 65s per capture
  • takes different cameras as long as they have an external wired shutter release
  • doesn't need a laptop to drive it - as long as you can focus and set camera exposure its standalone



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to avoid starting a new thread I'll reply to my post ;-)


We just installed two new systems in Arras, France - and CNRS Paris - both for Archaeology finds.




both running on Canon SLRs.

If you use Windows (rare I know!) we have a card importer that makes all the right sub-folders for you, see https://custom-imaging.co.uk/software/

Also a Windows-helper to run ptmfit.



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