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Color correction question


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I haven't been using the color correction option for the hshfitter, since it's not that critical for my main interest (lithic tools). Thought I'd give it a try - checked the Advanced Options box, selected a gray card image (jpg), and tried processing an RTI data set. I got the following error message:


"Number of files found given prefix : 48
 Light positions on file (0) does not match the number of files for viewpoint (48) 
Problem while reading command line arguments"
If I process with Advanced Options unchecked, it works fine. This is on a Windows 10 system, lots of RAM and processing power.
I tried using color correction with hshfitter directly in the command line, but that was unsuccessful as well. In the latter case, I probably wasn't structuring the command correctly - the syntax and examples you get when you type "hshfitter" on the command line were difficult for me to understand, and I couldn't find any other documentation.
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The color correction option was an experimental thing, and really was to solve a problem with wildly varying color temperatures in a research dome. We recommend not using any of the advanced options, because they aren't well documented and have known errors.



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