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Use of Photogrammetry without close visual references


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Hello I am new to the forum and the subject. I am trying to find out how useful Photogrammetry would be in establishing the location of the tent in the attached pictures taken in 1959? It is the Dyatlov Incident which some may know about. There were few photos taken at the time and the area was closed off for 4 years afterwards. I was up there last year and took many photos but the problem is in establishing the exact position of the tent it seems to me that the topography has changed in 50+ years and also the references in the older pictures are very far away. Someone has said that the position of the tent is 1,000 feet further over to the right of where people believe the location to be. However is it possible to exactly establish this kind of accuracy usuing photos like the attached with current photos?

Grateful for any advice

Thank you

Keith McCloskey




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There are some powerful tools in the iWitness package for working with scanned photos taken with unknown cameras: http://www.iwitnessphoto.com/solutions/foom.html 


Note that to get the sort of results you want you'll need to find features in the photographs that have not changed over the past 50+ years and to take (ideally) accurate GNSS measurements at those positions. With that information it is possible to establish the focal length of the lens. If there is sufficient stereo-base between the photos you have, it may be possible to calculate the position of the tent in the foreground. From the three images you attached I wouldn't have thought this process is possible. 


There is another piece of software, sv3DVision that may also be worth looking at, if you can find it (I can't). There are several publications that use it to derive 3D measurements from single historic photos. Here's a newspaper piece on it: http://www.economist.com/node/15595689


No doubt there are others on the forum who have experience with this kind of historic image interpretation...

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