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LP calculation: single vs multiple sphere(s)


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Quick math question:


How does using multiple reflective spheres impact light position calculation accuracy?

Is the use of two spheres advised only as a redundancy?

Or does the HSH-Algorithm calculate a mean value of the respective light-positions?

If so, wouldn't it be better to use 4 spheres (one in each corner of the image) to improve accuracy?


All the best,


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Hi Tom,


Right now the RTIBuilder only uses one sphere to calculate the light position.  Please note that neither the HSHfitter nor the PTMfitter calculate the light positions, they need a light position (.lp) file in order to run.  So, RTIBuilder calculates that for you based on the sphere.  RTIBuilder can generate a highlight file for each sphere, but we haven't had a chance to implement calculating the light position from 2 spheres into the software.  There is some research software that calculates the light position from multiple spheres, and it is more accurate than using a single sphere.  So, we recommend using 2 spheres when possible, so that your data has the ability to take advantage of this in the future.



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