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Flash Failure


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We have been using the Nikon Speedlight SB900 for H-RTI with the Nikon SD9 reserve battery pack. The flash doesn’t seem to hold up well when used at (or close to) full power or when used at a lower power setting over many hours. The flash fails in one of two ways. Either the strength of the light becomes progressively weaker, resulting in inconsistently lit images, or the flash overheats and shuts off. In the cases where it overheats, the screen indicates that the batteries have run out, but this is certainly untrue. We have found if we wait for the flash to cool down, we can use the same batteries, but the cool down time is an unknown.


Has anyone else experienced similar issues? Are our problems related to the specific flash we have or has anyone seen similar problems with other flashes?


Ashira and Anna

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Ashira and Anna,

this certainly sounds like battery issues to me. When at 1/1 (full power on that flash), you're really asking a lot of the batteries. Esp if the flash burst are close together in duration. Inconsistent light out put over time at a lower output also sounds like battery / power.


Tho I'm not a nikon person, you might be able to find additional info at www.strobist.com. Those guys in there Are very experienced nikon-ers and someone has most certainly seem something like this.


I also saw this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWBPnGRY95o

this vid points to the Voltage of the batteries that you're using.

(look at about 2min mark)


let us know if you learn anything! very curious ....



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