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Multi-View RTI?


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There was some research done with multi-view RTI several years ago.  The RTIViewer 1.1 does support it.  There is a simple version and a more complex version. The simple version essentially acts like an object movie of RTIs.  You create a special file that tells the viewer what RTIs are part of your multi-view RTI, and what their relationship is to each other ( the number of degrees apart)  The more complex version did some interpolation between views after other tools were run using an optical flow approach.  That approach turned out to have some strong limitations.


If you want to try this out, I'm attaching the multi-view spec, and an example .mview file.  The example is renamed to .txt so you can look at it and I can attach it.  It has to be .mview to use with RTIViewer.  This one is for a single row of 12 RTIs shot 30 degrees apart making a complete circuit.





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This sounds like just what we need for an aircraft control column, still in the cockpit, with a badly corroded (aluminum) data plate on it. However from the practical standpoint, I assume one would move the spheres for each "view"?  I'm thinking that the area is tight enough (somewhere around 2' cockpit width) we can use a powerful LED flashlight as the light source, which will give us the control we need; I'm just not sure about the sphere placement.


Again, given that we have a very confined space we're working in, has anyone tried RTI of an extremely 3-D object from a fixed position (the control column is perhaps 5 cm diameter, and even with the camera mounted in the pilot's seat, it'll be under 2' away from the data plate)? We may not have enough room to move the camera around in the cockpit.

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