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3D model export too big for Sketchfab

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Hi. I am looking for a little clarification on how texture files work with the .obj or .glb files. I wound up processing an UltraHighQuality model in Metashape. I then used that model in Kintsugi 3D to rebuild the new texture files. Upon attempting to upload to Sketchfab is when I realized I have a model that is too big to upload with my account limitations. I am not sure if I can just go back to Metashape and decimate the UHQ model down to 64K faces and then still use the texture files built from the UltraHighQuality model or if I need to redo the Kintsugi3D process using the 64K decimated model.  Thanks for any clarification on how texture files relate to the differing mesh quality models.

Rich House


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Hi Rich, currently, you'd need to reprocess the model in Kintsugi 3D Builder after decimating -- the decimation process typically changes the UVs used by Kintsugi 3D when building textures.  (I'd like to streamline this use case in the future -- perhaps reducing the processing time by reusing some of the previously processed data -- but for now the solution is to just start from scratch.)

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Rich, not directly answering your Kintsugi 3D question, but if the files aren't 'massively' too big, there may be a short-term workaround. I don't know if it is still the case, but it used to be that the limit on Sketchfab was actually on the physical upload file size - and whilst you can upload the model files as-generated, Sketchfab used to also accept them as a 'zip' archive, which compression could help if the upload was marginally over (but not if it was orders of magnitude too big!).


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Thank you for these replies Michael and Dave.

Michael, I suspected as much and will be mindful of the intended final viewing environment when I decimate and built the textures of my model in Metashape before working on it in Kintsugi 3D. 

Dave, That is a very good tip. This particular model was a fair amount too big but I have had some issues previously when the png texture map format pushes the total file size just over the limit and I had to re-export in the jpeg format instead. I'll try out a Zip archive format next time that happens.


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