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Sphere Detection Issues


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I am new to this process- I uploaded a series of images and when I get to the sphere detection screen and highlight my spheres (2), some of the image boxes check themselves but not all. When I click detect spheres, it runs through the process and then just stops. Some images not checked are very similar to images that get checked.


Any thoughts?


Thanks much-


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Dear Rick,


It is expected that only a few spheres are checked for the sphere detection part of the process.  The software assumes that all the spheres are in the same place across the image set.  The sphere detection is to determine the exact location of the sphere in the image and the center of the sphere.  So, it doesn't need to use al the images.  It does a bit of image analysis to figure out which images to use.  When you get to the detect highlights part, then all the spheres need to be checked, because all the spheres have highlights in different positions, and each of those needs to be detected.


When the sphere detection stage is finished, the image in the window changes, and the "next" button goes from grayed out, to being possible to click it.  Does this happen for you?  I also want to double check that you are using the shipping version of RTiBuilder 2.0.2?  There was a beta of a 3.0 version that a few people had, and it has a bug like this in it on Windows environments.  It is unlikely that you have this test version, but I do want to check.



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