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RTI Viewer does not run on my Windows system


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Hi, I have downloaded the RTI Viewer on my windows system, but it does not function well. The moment I open the file, the message I get is "rtiviewer.exe has stopped working" and that I need to check online for a solution (but have found none).

Similarly with the builder, it works on the mac system but does not open in windows.

Can someone help me in this regard.

Thank you. 


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Dear Archienids,


I've moved your post from the FAQ forum to the RTIViewers forum, as this is where it belongs.  I strongly suggest that you open a second topic in the Processing RTI Data forum for any builder issues.  These issues are likely unrelated, and should be discussed separately.  Additionally, different people follow each of the forums depending on their expertise and interests.  I will stick to the RTiViewer issue here.  Please note that I also edited your topic title to be more descriptive of the problem.  This makes it more likely that people will see it and/or respond.


Please provide additional information about your system.  What OS level are you running?  What are the basics of your computer? (how much RAM for example, and how old is it)  Then describe what you are doing when you get the error.  Does the error occur right after you start the software?  Does it occur when you are trying to load an RTI file?  If it happens when you are loading a file, have you tried other files, or is it just one specific file?  How large is the file you are trying to load?  Please provide detailed information about what you are doing when you run into the error.


Likewise, if you choose to post about RTiBuilder in the proper forum, please provide information about your system, and what steps you take before the problem occurs, and any error messages that you see.


Many people are successfully running both RTIViewer and RTIBuilder on the windows platform.  You must provide much more detail before it is possible to help you.



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