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about rendering mode difference


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Hello dear users,

I have a question about rti viewer. I am using this rti viewer on windows 10 os.
​I realized that i have a diffrent interface from yours.
​I've watched some videos on your web site and took ss to show you.


you can find the pictures on attechments.
​i have only 3 mode but in video seems more than 3. (rendering)

​Should i install them  from somewhere else ? or what ?

​And also i have a question to @carla 
I also sent e-mail to take source codes of builder & viewer but no one replied yet.
​Almost 3 days ago.
Can you please help me about that ?

 Thank you so much.​







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The Rendering-options you have seen in the videos are from the HP-fitter, which you  can download from the HP PTM page



All you have to do is download the fitter and choose the PTM-option while creating the RTI/PTM with the RTIBuilder (during your first use of the HP Fitter you will have to direct the RTI builder to the place you saved the HP fitter). After finishing the building-process you can open the finished .ptm and you will find all the rendering modes you were looking for.

Hope i could help.







edit: you can find further information on when to use which Fitter in this Thread:

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Dear Rookie -


There are descriptions of the rendering modes in the RTiViewer User Guide.  Please read that for guidance.  As for what to use on what, you should experiment to see what works best to bring out what you are interested in for different material.  It is fast and easy to try the different modes, and I usually run through all of them to see what looks the most promising.  Of course, it is also driven by what questions you are trying to answer.  Some modes bring out things like paper texture or wood grain very well.  But maybe you are interested in the design on top of the material, and so this doesn't help you see it.  Other modes may bring out an incised design.  There is no one right answer.


As for your source code request, we checked our records and we replied to you when the request was sent in (I think the next day)  We just sent another note to you this morning, so if you don't see it, check your spam folder.


And - if you want to do something really useful with the source code, you could implement additional rendering modes for the .rti file format ;-)



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Dear Carla,
​Thank you so much for ideas. I almost tried every rendering mode and also i read documents but i believe that it's always better to ask someone who knows more than me.
​About e-mail:
​I saw e-mail today on spam unfortunetely.
I always check my e-mail with my smartphone so coulndt see it.
​I want to read all gnu liscence so in a few days i ll write again.

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