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Monouments and Gravestone Studies


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jmattocks - These forums are really designed for the community of folks who are using computational photography, primarily Reflectance Transformation Imaging and 3D photogrammetry.  The forums allow folks to ask and answer questions and learn from each other on these topics.


You seem to be asking about a basic digitization process for photos, which isn't really what we discuss here.  I recommend you start your search by looking at the FADGI website: http://www.digitizationguidelines.gov (Federal Agencies Guidelines Initiative)  Many organizations use the FADGI guidelines when planning digitization projects, as well as when putting digitization projects out for bid.


There are many, many cameras and computers and software solutions that can work for digitizing photos. 


Good luck.



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I'm looking for guidance. I'm trying to enhance the inscriptions on some old tombstones from the 1700's. The inscriptions.names and dates are barely visible on some. The adobe forum pointed me in this direction. I successfully downloaded and installed the RTI program on my Mac running 10.14 using the terminal program.  Can I use a stationary  tripod positioned in front of a tombstone and use a standard "studio light" positioned at many different angle to light the face of the stone?  Can I place the spheres on the top of the tombstone?




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Yes, you can use a studio light at different angles. If you can, remove any diffuser or reflector, leaving just the bulb. As long as the sphere is visible in the photograph, and isn't too far away from the inscription you're trying to read, you can put it anywhere convenient. If on top, place it near the edge so that the highlight won't be blocked by the tombstone.

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Linda S.

    I too am trying to use various photography techniques to make it possible to read old headstones. Does RTI work for you? It sounded like you need to be able to control the lighting angle to work with RTI, but I will be doing the photography outside, in natural light.

Scott E.

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