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No response to "Rotate all images" (+ no RTI file found by the browser)


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I wonder if any of you faces the same problem as I do: RelightLab does not react at all to rotation of the images commands. 

Another issue is that after creation of .rti file (HSH27) the browser of RelightLab cannot find it. It is displayed well in the old RTI Viewer, but here I get a localhost communicate: "Could not detect an RTI here". Not a big issue, contrary to the first one, but I wonder how it works. I understand that it is designed for the .relight files only, as these are intended for the web, but why does the browser search for .rti then, and although the file is there, it cannot detect it.

I run the RelightLab on Windows 11 Home. I would be most grateful for any clues particularly to this "Rotate all images" issue.

Greetings from the middle of a desert (field season in Egypt)!


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Hi, I am the developer of RelightLab,

        I totally forgot to implement the image rotation! You seems to be the first one to notice or just tell me. I will implement it this weekend, sorry (and find it as a new release).

The relightLab browser require the 'relight' web format: json + .jpg (or deepzoom), .rti are extremely web unfriendly, and the browser do not support them. If you wish to inspect the .rti, use RTIViewer.
The browser is looking in the folder searching for the  info.json file and failing, sorry for the confusing error message.
.relight is the relightlab project file, it's not an RTI (just to be clear).

If you need further assistance, just ask. 



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Dear Federico,

Thank you so much for your quick reaction and implementing rotation. Thank you for the new release. 

I will be able to use it at the excavation site still this season. Great!

I do use RTIviewer for the RTIs. I have never thought about posting them in the network, but I know that this season my boss wants to do it. So thank you for this solution in the program, as well as your explanation here on how it works. 

All the best

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