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OpenLime and online visualization

Laura Fracasetti

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I'm working with RelightLab to produce models of archeological objects. I'd like to share the results online with the other colleagues, expecially because some of them cannot use RTIViewer on their comuters and, for this reason, they cannot see the results. I think the online sharing can be the solution. I saw the functionality "OpenLime" that can be enbedded in .rti and .ptm files. So, I think I've produced files that contain OpenLime because I tick the option "Add Openlime Viewer" (see the image below) but I cannot understand how can I use it to share projects.

I have to dowload an application?

Thank you so much.



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I also face problems when creating relight Files in RelightLab and "Add OpenLime Viewer". From what I understand everything should work (all necessary files seem to be present), but nothing gets displayed when I open de index.html. What could cause NOTHING to be displayed. I do not even see the user interface of the OpenLime Viewer.
Tested with firefox (115.10.0esr ) and edge (124.0.2478.51).

Does anybody understand what might be wrong? What are common problems with the OpenLime Viewer?

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

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