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Command Line 'Snapshot' option for RTIViewer?


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Hi everyone,


The question I have today pertains to the snapshot and Bookmarks features available on the RTIViewer. From what I can figure out, the Bookmarks feature allows the user to save the following settings:


  1. Set the Light Coordinates - [x_light, y_light]
  2. Zoom into the image - [zoom%]
  3. Pan into a location - [x_Pan, y_Pan]
  4. Set render mode - [Let's choose Specular Enhancement]
  5. Set the parameters - [Diffuse Color, Specularity, Highlight Size]

I have grown to love this feature, and the snapshot feature to generate graphical outputs of what's being viewed.


My question is, is there a command line option available where I could set up a command line script which I can run in, say MATLAB/Python, to go in a FOR loop through a collection of .rti or .ptm files and generate the same image with identical bookmark settings?


Another way of asking is: is there a command line script I can use to trigger a snapshot from a collection of .ptm or .rti files, given a set of bookmark settings (such as that from the numbered list above)? I'm thinking something like (I'm thinking in MATLAB, which is something I am using to generate rti/ptm files in a loop.)


system(['RTIViewer.exe' <fullpath for the .rti or .ptm file> <Light Coordinates> <Zoom Value> <Pan Coordinates> <Render Mode> <Render Mode specific settings> <fullpath of the output image file ('.png')>])



Thank you very much, and look forward for your thoughts.





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Sid -


Thanks for the inquiry, and glad you like this feature!  There is no command line interface for the RTiViewer at this time.  I really like your idea and think it would be a great addition.


The source code is available as open source, so you (or a friend) or anyone on the forums could request the code and add this capability.


If anyone wants the code - write to info@c-h-i.org to request it.  It is available under the Gnu General Public License, Version 3.



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