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Take 4 day photogrammetry training at CHI! Next class May 18-21, 2015


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We are pleased to announce that our next 4 day photogrammetry class will take place in San Francisco on May 18-21, 2015.


More details and a registration form can be found here:



The training at CHi is focused on core photogrammetric principles that produce high quality, measurable, scientific data.  The capture method (how you take the images) is independent of any software package.  You will collect image sets that can be used now and in the future. The processing is done in Agisoft PhotoScan Pro.  We have worked in collaboration with senior photogrammatrists at the US Bureau of Land Management to develop the course and the methodology.   The optimized workflow that we teach for processing can't be found anywhere else.


Come, learn, add new skills!



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