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Integrating an RTI viewer in an Android mobile app made with Unity

Xavier Wielemans

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I am a freelance designer/programmer of interactive stuff for museums and exhibitions. I am currently working on a tablet-based media guide for an archeology museum in Namud (Belgium). The guide will involve macro display of a few very small antique pieces, and RTI is perfectly suited to our needs.

How hard would it be for me to integrate an RTI viewer in Unity (interactions engine that I am using to develop the media guide)? Does there already exist a C#-based implementaiton of the viewer? Should I port it myself based on the original source code (C++ if I am not mistaken)? Did someone already work in that direction?

I could of course contribute to an open-source C#, Unity-compatible version of the viewer.

Kind regards,

Xavier Wielemans

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You might consider the new RTI formats designed for Web distribution .relight- and the open source OpenLime viewer - which should run in HTML5 enabled web browsers.

More info on the .relight format and the viewer here:


You can make RTI's in this format using the open source RelightLab - there are also links on the above page - and elsewhere in the forums.


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Hi Carla, many thanks for your quick answer!

I will give you suggestion a try... There are plugins around that allow Unity to integrate web views, even in iOS or Android mobile apps. See for instance https://uniwebview.com/

I'll try and keep you posted on the result on this forum, it might interest others...

Have a great weekend!


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