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PTM file is just RED


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We received a new computer from IT and I installed all of the software elements as previously, but now the PTM files I am generating are opening in the RTIViewer as big red squares. In the small window at bottom right I can see the image as it should be, but in the large window in which I should be able to move around the light source everything is simply red. (see attached screenshot)


My setup:

Windows 7

micro-RTI device ("monkey brain") with 56 LEDs

RTIbuilder used to make lp file using PTM shiny ball method

PTMfitter selected within RTIbuilder to generate PTM files.


It's very weird, and I have not had this problem before. Any help would be appreciated!


Thank you,


Martin Jürgens



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The problem is most likely with the support for OpenGL with your computer graphics card.  There is a detailed description here:



This includes information on how to check what you have, and whether it is possible to update the drivers.


Please take a few minutes to search the forum before posting, as many common problems are already covered here.  I know it can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for and we expect some duplication, but it does help if folks take a look first.



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I had actually searched the forum first, but I guess I missed that discussion, probably because I wasn't sure what the problem really was.


In any case, I solved the problem by replacing the GPU card with an older one, and now the big red rectangle is gone!


Thank you for your help, and best regards, Martin

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You might try re-installing the previous graphic card, then downloading new drivers directly from the chipset manufacturer (usually nVidia or Radeon/AMD). Windows update doesn't always include the best possible driver for your graphic card, so using the manufacturer's driver might fix the problem.

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