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ReLight-1.3.0 - only Black RTIs


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Hey Folks,

I have a set of images (5 views by about 160 photos each). Everything almost exactly the same - same background, same object, same black balls. With 4 sets everything works great - only with 1 (front view of the object - so quite important) is the RTI file black. So light detection works wonderfully and it also calculates an RTI file and doesn't show any errors - it's just black. I tried to change the image size or choose a slightly different section - everything turns black.

I now use ReLight 1.3.0 (great development!) because RTIbuilder didn't work on any of the sets and didn't even recognize the balls. Maybe because of a weird Windows update again.

What can I do? I'm also happy to PM you the set via cloud.

Thank you in advance!




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Looks from the screen shot like you created an HSH based RTI.  Which HSH option did you choose? (12 or 27?)

Did you try making a PTM - or using one of the relight formats?  That might help narrow down the problem.

And as an aside - why so many images in each RTI set?  We've found the sweet spot is 45-60.  Are you using a dome, or highlight RTI?  I'm guessing highlight since you have spheres.

Anyway - I haven't experienced this problem - and it would be helpful to know if you get a result when you choose a different algorithm.



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