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How to create a dome calibration file in Relight?


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Hello all,

I made a simple little dome prototype, and have imaged a black marble in it and can create an RTI image of it using Relight, but I cannot figure out how to save the light positions as a calibration file for this dome. There is a calibration menu option, but neither the load nor the save files seem to work. What is the method here? (I need to give the marble back to the game set it came from)

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I have the same question that was posted by seanwinslow last summer, so just reposting here to see if folks have suggestions. 

For dome-based RTI, is it possible to create a light position (LP) file in Relight and then use that file for processing subsequent RTI image sets in Relight?

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What funny timing! I had just checked last night, as I am putting together an easy, cheap RTI dome parts and instructions list for classroom use and this would make the whole process much easier. When I tried again yesterday, I could neither save nor load calibration files using the buttons, nor is it clear what the process is.

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Once you have marked the spheres and detected the highlights (Menu->Edit->FindHighlights) you can save the .LP from Menu->File->Save LPs...

The files are saved alongside the images as sphere.lp for the computed directions and sphere1.lp, sphere2.lp, etc for each reflective sphere.

In case it is not working for you, you can share images and .reilight I will investigate the issue, otherwise setup a video call (write me at ponchio@gmail,com)).

Soirry for the messy interface.


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