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How to use web sharing


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How do I use the web share option to share my Relight process to others who do not have RTI software and can only view images on the web ???  Is there a procedure or guidance on where and how to upload the data so it can be easily viewed ??? 

Thanks.  Ian 

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Hi Ian -

RelightLab can create files in the Relight format which is designed for Web distribution.  However, you will have to host the files along with the OpenLime view code on your website.  RelightLab offers options when "exporting" your RTI to choose a relight format, and to also create tiles of the results so that they can be viewed in a browser and zoom correctly.  There is also a checkbox that allows you to include the OpenLime viewer code.

You can try it out locally in your own web browser from RelightLab - without the need for a Web Server (watch the instructional video which shows how to do this).  But if you want to share it on a web page for others, you need to host the data, and add appropriate HTML to your webpage. 


There is some more information about this on the Relight page in the Viewer section:


I agree that it would be helpful to have a detailed example of how to do this - and it's something we plan to create later this summer.  The good news is that RelightLab wil create a lot of what you need to host this and make it available.


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Alex - Both RelightLab and OpenLime are open source - and available via GitHub under the GNU GPL3 license.  So if anyone wants to make such things they can.  I don't think that's on the list for the team working on the software.  It's not a priority for our team as most of the folks we work with aren't using Wordpress.  A higher priority for us is a detailed example so folks know how to set it up.


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